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As a little kid,
three feet tall and eyes that brimmed
        with gullibility
        and wonder,
I wished on stars.
I walked,
eyes fat from my path
as my neck dropped backwards
as if by puppet-strings loosened,
searching for that first apparition
to glisten in the purple chiffon sky.
I wished,
that it belonged to me,
that it would grant
        my heart's content.
I spun myself in circles,
racing through deer-walked meadows
for seconds
at a time
just to collapse into the dew-licked grass
        and stare,
eyes wide open as the leaves of an unwritten book,
waiting to greet the lights above
as they punctuated the fog of darkness
in mimicking circles
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I am not a writer,
Yet I write words of poetry
       and prose
That pirouette and prance on paper,
On cardboard,
On fabric,
On skin.
I write words of raw spirit,
words of sheer electromagnetic force
that pierce steel
and lead
and hearts.
I am not a sculptor,
Yet I form figures of imagination
       and starlight
That build from drams
To foundation
To frame
To beings,
figures that reach into the clouds,
skyscrapers formed from will and determination,
something solid,
something real.
I am not a medic,
Yet I reach out with hands
       and thoughts
To suture the words and pains
of those with damaged confidences
       and souls,
To bandage the holes
torn by neglect,
To massage the necks
and crack the backs
stiff from eons of hiding from the world
Like ostriches in the sand.
I am no philosopher,
Yet I wax eloquent
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Raindrops and Coffee Beans
The raindrops hurtle down,
off the sidewalks,
like bugs
on the windows.
The awnings sag,
heavy with the burden that
the rain pours.
The girl by the window
raises her eyes from a book
to capture the storm
reflected in the tempests of her eyes.
She smiles,
the cogs behind her eyes churning
like the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon.
As the heavy-lidded scent of coffee,
black as the La Brea tar pits,
ready to add to her creativity
as its sticky depths did to the fossil record,
pushes through,
a bushwhacking explorer in the jungle of her nose,
her hand reaches back,
pulling a pen
from its cavern
between the knot that is her hair
and her scalp.
She pauses.
Consider the pen, she thinks,
its form so solid,
against the fluid bullets of rain,
ever changing.
The chair on which she sits,
the shop in which she sits,
the pen.
the rain.
She will return
in the years to come.
The same teddy-bear moose heads will
hang on the wall
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The drought has come;
The rain won't fall.
Leaves spiral down,
Unable to hold to home.
The ground cracks with every step;
Any drop of water spilt vanishes
Without a trace.
And with the rain that's stopped for weeks
Comes the end of tears;
Tears that will not come
And soothe the pangs of fear and deceit dashing through her heart.
Her cheeks remain drier than the hottest desert,
Salt canyons etched upon her skin.
She thinks that she might never live again
To see the sun go down
And the clouds erupt.
But the release begins
With the first few drops
That hit the ground.
Drunk thirstily into the crevasses in the earth,
Drunk thirstily by the girl
Now running through the storm.
Hair soon straight and dripping wet,
Rain washing down her face,
Mingling with the tears
Finally finding freedom from her eyes.
And as the rain pelts down harder,
Her feet lose contact with the pavement
And reality takes its leave.
The sky takes hold,
And for a moment,
She can fly.
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    A young girl sitting
    On a hill of wilted flowers
    And patches of yellowed
    Time-aged grass
    Head to her knees,
    Goosebumps an army
    Drilling up her arms and legs.
    Trembles, ever so slight,
    Anchor her in place.
    The sky closed in
    And the rain came down,
    Washing away photographs of fear,
    Smearing the watercolors of painted pain.
    The thunder crashed,
    Music drowning out the symphony of loneliness.
    And the lightning flashed,
    Blinding from the images of hate
    Only fathomed by innocence.
    And the rain came down,
    Resurrector to th
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Kiss the Rain
Kiss the rain.
Open your face to it,
Your arms.
Let it hold you,
Caress you.
Dance with the rain,
Let it hide you.
Fly away with it
On rosy-shaded wings
To a place
Where no one knows.
Keep the rain.
Bottle it
Close to your heart
In a jar that only
When you most need it,
A dripping reminder
Of faith.
Let the rain surround you.
Taste the rain.
Let it linger on your tongue
Like a chocolate that melts forever,
Staining every taste bud.
Smell the rain.
Let it entice you,
Nutmeg, cinnamon, and ocean salt,
Swirling around you.
Hear the rain,
Following you,
Gently treading on your rooftop,
Reminding it is here for you.
It will protect you.
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United States
Current Residence: Maryland
MP3 player of choice: iPod/iTunes
Shell of choice: Vespoli
Favourite cartoon character: Temari, Gaara, Haku, Uchiha Itachi, Ed
Personal Quote: Not all who wander are lost.
I went to Boston for ten days to experience what being a doctor was like and I came back with a notebook full of poetry. Funny how that works.
There's one new poem up at the moment; I suspect another will follow somewhat soon. Enjoy.

NaNoWriMo was technically a failure, since I certainly didn't finish within the bounds of the month. However, Anywhere but Here is still a work in progress, so eventually it'll be finished.



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